Episode Berdarah Pencerobohan Tanduo-Lahad Datu Sabah-[Part-14]; Mission of Peace : The Sultanate of Sulu Darul Islam (SSDI) by HRH Sultan Bantilan Muhammad Mu’izzuddin II ibni Datu Wasik Aranan


Grafik dan kenyataan didalamnya adalah ihsan dari Persatuan Pendakwah Islam Sabah (PENDAKWAH) yang dipengerusikan oleh seorang pejuang Dusun Mualaf bernama Nazri Aldusuni. Saudara Nazri Aldusuni telah menghubungi terus Sultan Bantilan II di Jolo Sulu Darul Islam dan meminta tuanku Sultan untuk memberikan pencerahan. Maka itulah jawapan baginda kepada saudara Nazri Aldusuni.

Kuala Lumpur 11 Mac-2013-10.40am

Posted by Wilhelmina


1. The Sultanate of Sulu Darul Islam (SSDI) lead by HRH Sultan Bantilan Muhammad 
Mu’izzuddin II ibni Datu Wasik Aranan has nothing to do with any acts of violence involving the 
Tausugs of the Sulu Archipelago, particularly the current armed intrusion to Lahad Datu, Sabah. 
Sultan Bantilan Mu’izzuddin praised Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak of Malaysia
for his exemplary statesmanship in handling the explossive issue;

2. SSDI has no intention of re-claiming Sabah by force, except through negotiation (by peaceful 
means) and hails the wisdom of President NoyNoy Aquino of the Philippines not to pursue the 
Sabah Claim in accordance with historical facts and reality and in the interest of peace and 
stability in the region;

3. Since the armed intrusion is endangering lives and properties of innocent people, SSDI hope 
and pray that the incident could be settled peacefully to avoid further bloodshed. If given the 
opportunity, SSDI would be willing to serve as peace intermediary, under certain conditions;

4. In the event peace could not be achieved through negotiation, SSDI appeals to all parties 
involved not to victimize civilians and non-combatants by all means;

5. SSDI will not condone any act of Tausugs who use the name, flag or logo of SSDI 
irresponsibly in support of illegal activities and Movements, such as the armed intrusion to Lahad 
Datu, Sabah, without the knowledge of the Sultan;

6. SSDI welcomes a just and peaceful solution to the conflict, with dignity for all concerned, and 
urge all parties to use utmost restraints in handling the situation;

7. We call on the international community to respect Human Rights, especially the rights of 
Tausugs of the Sultanate of Sulu Darul Islam by helping restore their inalienable Rights of Self-
Determination and Independence, the Filipinos and Malaysians, in particular.


Minister of Foreign Affairs cum Executive Minister
Sultanate Sulu Darul Islam

4 March 2013

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