IN PICTURES: Make The Bed by Gorgeous Airline Stewardess –


(PHOTO : Who is this gorgeous stewardesses yea? )

Written by wilhelmina

Incidentally finished searching about flight attendant, knowing lively beautiful woman who became a flight attendant.

This time I’m posting pictures of the state of a special room for the flight attendants at several international airlines that make the flight attendants BED.

Then just look at the pictures ..!!

(PHOTO : That‘s a bed on the plane BOING 747-400, passable but simple enough )


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, The Netherlands Got it. Resounding yes color )


( PHOTO :AIRBUS A340, well known as a large plane in EUROPE, but the rooms are really smallWoww !.. Stingy ya same stewardess own )


( PHOTO : BOEING 777, Regular anyway, similar to rooms in student dormitories military .. hahaa.! )


( PHOTO : SINGAPORE AIRLINE, from its shape remindsDoraemonbed, have to jump up to the wall first. lol )


( PHOTO : AIR CANADA, More or less the same over.)


(PHOTO : Well that‘s the funny ya, either because there were no beds or as tired to fall asleep on his seat while his mouth opened wide Smaller? )


( PHOTO : Well the last one ..
If that is not to be copied, do not have a bed time yes LION AIR to stomach stuff like that in the trunk HAHAHA

SO, Please.. Awaited his comments yeas .. not like each flight attendant period heck ..!

 SOURCES :Various Of Information

Written and Editor by Wilhelmina.


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