IN PICTURES :Female Thief Beaten And Stripped In The Street –


( PHOTO : Female Thief beaten and stripped naked on the streets )

Written by Wilhelmina

Misfortune befall girl named Mujer Lincha Guatemala Amerika Latin origin must withstand pain and embarrassment caused by his actions. The incident took place in a beating at bus Mujer and her three male friends in action to pilfer the host bus passengers. But unfortunately pickpocket gang action is known by other passengers, who shouted to the bus driver to stop the vehicle.


Less than 10 minutes people  were rushed to the scene, and the girl could not escape as the third male friend. And finally, in addition to being beaten and trampled underfoot by men she was also stripped naked in the streets.

Friend ..!, Instead we defend .. In fact deed the woman was wrong, but not enough women were arrested, handed over to the police for the law to bear on the process works. Why let alone be beaten stripped for a fact that she was only a woman.



However, we believe this is true .. is .. the police if his country does not implement the Act with honesty and there’s always true corruption so people get angry when applicable crimes like this.


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