Why Your Blog Articles On Silent Comments? And Tips To Blog "Flooded" Comments.

Written by Wilhelmina.

Why is the article written comments from visitors quiet? This feeling never came to mind while writing. But buried just feeling that .Because of first intention was not only likes blogging praise and attention.
envy and want to know at first disturb the mood to write. Last few days in some blog-walking my blog yesterday. Happened to me there subscribe’Google Alerts.
Eventually be found at  blog neighbors Super Blogger Sourie Julak On why the silence from the comments of our blog visitors.
Perhaps this is also experienced by novice bloggers . Because subconsciously comments <span class=”hps”>visitors
to the blog it is a sign of how popular a blog or how the responses of readers every time we post articles
Here are some things that lead to our blog visitors, should not be reluctant or even posting comments on our blog;

a) The small size of the high-form comments box.
High-form comments box size effect on the blog visitors who wish to comment on our article. Why? When visitors or readers want typing verification code (captcha) shall not, because typing form verification code itself does not appear. Finally ? Just not so clear the comments.

form pengetikkan kode verifikasi captcah tidak muncul
(form verification code does not appear)

The fix is to change the size of the high-form comments box.
This alternative is for bloggers who choose comments arrangements should include cod verification first. Find the following cod in the edit template HTML;

<iframe allowtransparency=’true’ class=’blogger-iframe-colorize‘ frameborder=’0′ height=’275‘ id=’comment-editor’ scrolling=’no’ src=” width=’500‘/>

atau kod seperti ini

<iframe allowtransparency=’true’ class=’blogger-iframe-colorize blogger-comment-from-post’ frameborder=’0′ height=’275′ id=’comment-editor’ name=’comment-editor’ src=” style=’display: none’ width=’100%’/><b:else/>

Look for blue cod in advance, for each template may be differing codcaptchanya, then change the height (height) to a minimum of 410 while the width “widthto adjust. By changing these figures then form comments box would get high, so the form to enter a verification code can be seen
For you who do not want to change codes above, another alternative is to choose the right settings to disable captcha verification code display in the dashboard of our blog comment settings. Certainly so when visitors want to comment do not need to enter captcha required cod. Besides the verification code can sometimes make prospective commentators because upset that they enter the wrong code, so it must re-enter. Imagine if this is repeated, visitors would not be commenting right?
You do not want to change codes above, other alternatives can be selected is the right arrangement undisable captcha verification code to display the comments dashboard settings our blog. Certainly want to comment that when visitors do not need to enter captcha code requested.

After all the verification code can sometimes be made ​​a candidate commentators regret that they enter the wrong code, so it must be to re-enter. Imagine if this is repeated, visitors would not be commented, right?

Fear of spam? According to my blogger friends do not need to worry about this, because blogspot itself has enabled the feature auto-spam filter, so that comments considered spam, it will automatically turn into the comment spam “folder”
How its organization:
     Log into your account Blogger Dashboard> Settings> Posts and comments>
     In the Display item verification code? select no.

b) The amount of steps or conditions which confuses visitors to your blog,

  •      In the previous explanation is one example, that visitors must enter the verification code in advance, not to mention if the code was entered.
  •      Then the problem of comment moderation are many reasons why the blog comment moderation enabled, it could be because of fear of excessive criticism, comment a weird” and many other reasons that only the owner knows his own blog. I personally undisable this comment moderation setting, certainly later comments that have emerged can I write or I categorize as spam. The way is to enter into post and comment settings> Moderate comments? > Select Yes. I am sure many blog commentators who wish to direct his comments to appear. Right?
  •      Then the third is the organization who can comment? > Select all, so that anyone can give comments on blog visitors.
  •      Display a link back, this feature is for visitors who use the blog name and url‘s identity as the identity of commentators, please you manage to show link back to the Show. I recommend this show in order to appreciate by giving backlinks to the blog visitors. But all up to you. Please see the picture below for more details :

c) The attitude of bloggers who are poorly responsive communication,
It is precisely this part of the reason why visitors do not leave traces of your blog comments. For example, a visitor to the blog to ask questions but not answered or not taken by the owner of the blog admin.
Ok, maybe it’s just a few tips for cause in your articles Maybe silent.the comments to me no impression after I change the settings to that.
However comment space to share tips and the good it does you no harm our.Maybe bloggers who already understand it. But I believe it still is not aware of crowded or do not know. how lonely their blog visitors to comment on the blog. Maybe if there is an error please tolerated and if there is another friend who likes add please leave a comment.

Happy Blogging.and Share Please ..!

Source ; Blog Julak Sourie Blogger Super Gaptek
Image by Google.



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